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Where the mind is without fear, Head is held high>>>> where the stream of reason has not lost it's way into the dreary sands of dead habit; where the mind is led forward by thee into ever widening thought and action; Into that heaven of freedom , father ! let my country awake!

Writings on the wall: 


This will be a regular feature of poetry and writings which come my way.This will be updated periodically. I have yet to formalize the pages. Requires a bit of technology to convert into a regular feature mag.I cant call it a mag and do nothing more than wait to recieve articles. If I recieve material on contemporary living, I shall include them. This time I am reproducing a poem from " post card poets". Poem is a way of expressing feelings and sharing this with other people. The  is a simple motive. "post card poets" is a good unpretensious title. Certain subtle feelings cannot be communicated in any other way. This poem is from a London school girl, Rathisha Thillainathan, an advanced level student.What are these teenagers trying to express ? We should listen to the voices from another source. We can put aside our cultural pre occupations for a while. We have been pampering ourselves too much with classics and what not.Freedom is the theme here. Teenagers in Colombo and Chennai, too yearn for freedom. To most of them, idea of freedom is first to get out of Chennai and go to London, then there is freedom. Living in the racial potpourri of London, this poem yearns for freedom. Freedom is the key word and therefore a feeling of conflict( akin to imprisonment) is implicit here.These teenagers are under peer pressure among classmates to conform to the trends of ' western' teenagers. But on their return to the shelter of home, where traditional values are implicitly adhered to, they perhaps feel the conflict. Anyway it could be so many things. We all face this issue (conflict between outside and inside), but it is acute for school children. No body expects us to commit to anything serious in ideas or behaviour in our working environment. As long as a minimum acceptable behaviour is presented, we work and come home. It is not so with school children. I am glad Rathisha has put it down which means she is taking it to a forum. To know confinement is already a stirring of freedom. Her sister Radhika has recently published a book of poems "Awakening in a box". I wish the sisters a bright future. 

Freedom must be first freed!

Freedom to lead the life I lead;

Freedom to carry the wonders I see;

Freedom to know and grow and to hear;

Freedom within the mind I yearn;

Freedom to freeze this moment forever;

Freedom to be and freedom to become

Freedom I need


Freedom I want to see

Freedom I can hear, Freedom to feel

Freedom will come,

I see it one day


Free my dreams and desires

Freedom to spread your seeds

Freedom I believe

Freedom must be first Freed!

( Rathisha Thillainathan)






" Wise man points his fingers at the moon and the fool looks at the finger "- Zen saying

Mail Author: C Kumara Bharathy